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nylon“Two-and-a-half years ago, I wrote an essay for the magazine about volume –the trend of dressing in multiple layers and large body-obscuring shapes– and the feeling was such that fashion reflected the environment. Times were tough, so people wanted to hide. They don’t want to put themselves out there and be exposed; they’d rather have a layer between themselves and the rest of the world. George W. Bush was president then, and who could blame anyone for just wanting to crawl into a dress the size and shape of a down comforter and be done with it? [Midriff baring] is the opposite, though: It’s open, optimistic, and involved –a look that’s ready to party, not curl up on the couch to watch Dr. Phil. Could it be that, though times are still tough, we’re just feeling a little bit more optimistic about our ability to pull through?”

— by Kate Williams, taken from NYLON, April 2009



“Hopefully, if you have a point of view of your own, [fashion] can be applied to any story that needs to be told in an unusual way, and then it can be told through any method.”

— Alexandre de Betak

“Real creativity is being true to yourself and getting people to go with you. That’s influence.”

— Bob Colacell0

“You have to offer the magic. Otherwise the clothes just become soulless. And I really don’t think people today want soulless stuff –they want some sort of fulfillment, some sort of interest. Be interested. Be interesting.”

— Francisco Costa

“You know, it’s always a little bit of the same in the sense that I am inspired by women and I design to inspire them. I love women. I mean, I love men too, but I respect women so much. I think women are so strong, so interesting, so resilient, all of that. I was lucky because I became the woman I wanted to be, through fashion.”

— Diane von Furstenberg

“A muse is ever evolving, ever changing, ever elusive. The perfect woman is out there, and she is many things, many moods, many women.”

— John Galliano

“You know, the most important thing I can tell you about creativity is to try and think originally. And try to look into yourself to find things. They’re not outside. That is the most important thing.”

— Peter Lindbergh

“Chic is when a woman is in harmony with herself.”

— Giambattistavalli


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