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May 13, 2009, 6:57 pm
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The negative side of procrastinating on a wedding: you tend to make hasty decisions and when a better opportunity comes up, you can’t reverse the decision and your opportunity goes out the window. Such an event happened to me the other day when I purchased my wedding dress under the impression that it would be the best deal I could find within such short notice. A couple days later, I came across this designer whose designs are exactly what I wanted for my dress. I went on a complete spazz attack and called the designer, trying to find out how much she would charge to expedite the order and left her a zillion emails and voicemails. I texted everyone and their mamas about her amazing work and my maid of honor had to tell me to calm the fuck down. She told me that the dresses wouldn’t look as good in person, but I think she was just telling me that to make me feel better. She knows my style and I am all about Wai-Ching. Take a look:

Antoinette Dress

Bliss Dress

L’Arbre Dress: I love the Western feel of this. If Pauline (my maid-of-honor) is correct, and the dresses probably don’t look as fantastic as they seem in the pictures, then huge props goes to the photographer and stylist on the set. The setting really accentuates the feel of the dress.

Zolotova Dress: Apparently, the designer, Chrissy Wai-Ching, wore this dress to her own wedding. I love her signature stitching in the bodice and how she uses tufts of material to “glam” up the dress rather than beading. I’m so not a fan of beading. And I love how she uses raw edging to emphasize the bohemian look.

Yowying Dress: The color is amazing. A little bohemian and urban all at once. It helps that model is gorgeous, too.

White Yowying Dress: This is one of the dresses I wanted to purchase. And it costs half as much as the dress I bought!

Samsara Dress: This was another dress I wanted. It looks more like one of the traditional dresses you’d find at like, David’s Bridal or something, but it still has her signature stitching which I love.

Satori Dress: I love how glam this dress is. She uses the tufts of material to glam it up, but no beading. Gorgeous.

Anyway, it only took me an hour or so to calm down, though I still dream about her dresses. Every day. The designer called me back and I had to explain to her my situation. I told her how much I loved her designs and she was such a doll about it. She’s all, “Well, maybe for your next event.”

Which reminds me…I’d love to start a collection of couture and vintage. Maybe when I start making enough money. But until then, I’m all about supporting indie designers like Wai-Ching. Amazing.